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About Me:

Coming to you from Dallas, Texas….No I can’t stand the heat but this is where my family lives. I am a self-taught knitter who began knitting in early 2005. I loved crocheting when I was a child but did not re-visit crochet until I started knitting.

The knitting bug started with the need to make a baby gift. After going through the whole gamut of handmade gift choices, I thought, “Oh, I’ll just teach myself to knit and whip up a quick baby blanket”. It didn’t exactly work out that way as it took me two weeks to complete 4 rows! I had instructional books, DVDs, etc., and all of them were open and going at the same time. Each morning I would wake up and tell myself I was smarter than the needles, but most days the needles won. I realized it wasn’t brain surgery but….for whatever reasons, I had a very difficult time getting over the first hurdle. Once my brain cells reorganized, I was off and running! My newly acquired persona began collecting yarn and patterns. For months all I did was swatch different yarns, determined to sample every type of fiber that existed. It took me six months to complete that first baby blanket due to the distractions my new fibers and tools caused me.

Like most people who knit and crochet, I have a past life of dabbling in the whole “mill” of various craft projects ranging from macramé (yes, I just said macramé) to scrap booking. Of all the different crafts I have worked with, nothing has ever taken over my life the way knitting and fiber collecting have.

After my acquisitions took over every empty space in the house, the yarn formed a union and demanded its own room. The specific room the yarn wanted happened to be my husband’s home office. He bowed down to the demands of the yarn and moved his office to the other side of the house. The YarnOverLounge was born and it has continued to grow by leaps and bounds. A week without receiving at least one new yarn is a sad week.

I retired from Corporate America in 2005, thanks to my husband. I think back to that life when I was slaving away behind office walls, not really enjoying what I was doing. I am so fortunate that I can wake up every morning and follow my passion with knitting, I don’t take one day of it for granted. My husband’s encouragement, financially and in every other way has been the main reason I have continued with my creations.

I have felt compelled to immerse myself in the yarn industry. I did not want to enter the industry in any way that would step on toes of the friendships I have developed with yarn shop owners and others in the industry. I decided the best way to accomplish this would be to design my own garments.

I don’t know where this knitting journey will take me, but I do know the stops along the way are exciting. The friendships I have established because of knitting are invaluable to me. If all I ever get out of the journey are the great friends who I have made, I will have more than I could ever have hoped for.

I have created, executed and written all of the patterns you will see on this website. The knitting and crochet was not done by hired or non-hired help. I have re-knit the patterns after they are typed up to check for accuracy. My design style is based on creating something that is not easily found in a store’s ready to wear section. I strive to design my garments with that little extra “something”.

This website and my knitting would not be possible without the constant support of my family and friends: my husband, for all his continued support and a “follow your dreams” attitude. My friends in other parts of the country with whom I collaborate constantly…..Karen, any day I don’t email with you is an empty day. Thank you for everything you have helped me with; your friendship is invaluable. Judy, you are my knitting rock and a kindred spirit. Astrid, you have been my sweetheart of encouragement and a true friend. Jeff, for your fantastic photography and decades of support. Chris, my logo and web designer….thank you for your artistic genius and putting up with my constant nit-picking. You have given me a logo and site that truly represents me. Ellen and the staff at Desert Design Knitz, thank you for the finest quality products, constant inspiration and the people you have brought into my life. Last but far from least, Tricia and Sheila. I love you both more than words can say.

AND…..to my four-legged children who keep me very happy and continue to threaten my yarn stash:

I hope you return and visit the site frequently. Please know your comments and suggestions are always welcome!

All emails will be replied to as soon as possible: lee@yarnoverlounge.com

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