December 9, 2007…..Cagney & Lacey Shawl Pattern Now Released For Sale

     cagneyshawl-detail-red-a.jpg  cl-shawl-blue-1.jpg 

I finally finished writing and posting the pattern that Sharon Spence designed.  The second version shown here is in Fiesta Starburst LaBoheme….see the full photo of the red in Tilli Tomas Rock Star below on the previous post.  This is a fantastic pattern that doesn’t take a lot of yarn, done on large needles and can be completed in just a few evenings. It would certainly make a great last minute gift!  You can find it under the “Patterns for Sale” tab on this website.

I am still feverishly knitting holiday gifts.  I finished the set of headband gifts (below), and now I am working on a freeform type gift and a larger knitted gift that I hope will be ready by the holidays.  I might have to pull a few all nighters to finish the large gift.  I will post photos of the finished projects after I give them to the receipients.

The headbands below:  The “ring” headband is my own design knitted out of three colors of Alchemy Synchronicity.  The burgandy headband is also my own design….just a simple crochet headband also out of Alchemy Synchronicity with Muench “Touch Me” crocheted on as trim.  The light blue headband is Stitch Diva’s pattern made out of Alchemy Bamboo in one of my favorite colors “Soft Turquoise”.

This week Barry from Trendsetter will be in town to give a class.  I’ll post class photos next week.


November 30, 2007….Yarn Sale and New Pattern On the Way

     alchemy-set-1a.jpg     cl-shawl-1a.jpg

This gorgeous shawl is not my creation….Sharon Spence designed it and I am working on the second version of it.  I found Sharon on Ravelry and I will release the pattern on this site under her name as soon as I can finish the second version.  Please sign up for the newsletter to be notified when it is released.  It is an easy lace pattern that yields gorgeous results!

I have been feverishly working on holiday gifts for friends.  I had what I thought was a great plan for creating gifts that were not yarn related for over 6 weeks,  and the project went to hell in a handbasket every step of the way.  I had to abandon the idea and pick up the needles ASAP.  I’ll post pictures of the finished projects after the holidays, but for now I can only show you the headbands I’m making for a friend who doesn’t play on the computer. I’m using the Stitch Diva Wavy Headband pattern in Alchemy Bamboo, and I’m also going to crochet her a few more out of Alchemy.

I’m de-stashing a little to get some holiday change, so check out my EBay listings here:

alchemy-headband.jpg  cl-1a.jpg

November 4, 2007….Baby Steps

         feza-tess-dawson-110407a.jpg laboheme-jacket-110407a.jpg 

I am trying to get my feet wet with being creative again.  After some supportive words from friends, I decided to just do a small project to attempt to get back into it.  Something I could start and finish quickly, and something I really loved to work on.  I decided on another Tess Dawson Lacy Crochet Scarf using some inexpensive Feza Mohair.  At first the Feza was a bit stiff, but I got over it.  I love the shadowing.  It isn’t 100% complete, but it is completed to the point I want it to be for now.  The unfinished portion I plan to work on while waiting at an appointment this week.  It really felt good to start something and almost finish it again. 

I also pulled out a UFO sweater in Blue Heron Rayon Chenille.  This is one of the few chenille yarns I love.  The sweater is now to the point I need to really think about how the neckline will be designed, but hopefully I will get to it sooner than later.

I’ve worked some on a LaBoheme Jacket I started designing months ago.  It is a side-to-side knitted jacket, and most jackets knit like this do not have a lot of waist shaping.  As luck would have it, the place I started the short rows happens to give the jacket more waist shaping than I thought it would.

Hope to be back posting some interesting new project soon!


October 22, 2007….White Trash Party

white-trash-party-1a.jpg white-trash-party-2a.jpg   

Since I have temporarily lost my creative mojo, I’m sharing photos of the best party I have been to in ages.

My girlfriend hosted a “White Trash Party” last weekend and did an amazing job.  She and her husband completely decked out every inch of their house “White Trash Style” and all of the guests came in character.

Check out all of the party pics here:

I do hope I have something creatively fabulous to share with you on the next post! 


October 10, 2007…..Yarn Mess

          seasilk-mess-2.jpg    attic-room-2.jpg 

The move is complete and things are starting to come together.  I am very pleased with my new craft room and I can not wait to have the time to play in it. The last set of updated photos are here:

This should be the final batch of the house photos.  It is even boring me.  It is past time to get back to knitting and work on some of the designs I have on my needles that I want to write patterns for.

BUT, before I do what I should be doing……I decided over the weekend I HAD to start a Montego Bay scarf as my evil yarn girlfriend showed me all of the completed ones on Raverly.  When I went to wind yarn for it, I discovered my swift didn’t make the move well and it decided to pop a few screws.  I even hand carried it to the new house and it still decided to break.   I HAD to wind the yarn that minute, so I figured I could still work with it.  The tangled mess of yarn I created over the weekend is still on my desk and it keeps me entertained while I am on the phone.  Obvious moral of the story:  Don’t wind yarn on a broken swift.

September 24, 2007…..Moving Week

kitchen-92007c.jpg     diningroom-092307c.jpg

You can see all of the updated home photos here:

The house isn’t 100% done, but it is a lot more complete than it was 5 days ago when I did not have floors or a shower.

The only reason I have a minute to update the blog is because the packers are here and I get to supervise instead of work today. 

Unfortunately my internet will not be connected at the new house until October 4.  I’ll update the blog when I can and answer any emails at that time.  Pattern sales are automatic downloads, so you can still purchase patterns without my end of the computer working.

 Think good thoughts, and if anyone has the ability to wiggle their nose to get things done magically, please use those powers to get this move done!

September 9, 2007….I’m still alive. Barely.

             blanket-1b.jpg       jacket-1b.jpg            

 My move date is set for 9/24 & 9/25.  Will the house be ready by then?  Not sure.  The contractor was fired a few weeks ago and my DH is doing ALL of it.  He can truly fix anything better than it was before it was broken, but there is only one of him and a ton left to do.  One of these days I’ll take pictures of the updated work.

I have been knitting a few evenings a week, but the knitting time is decreasing every day.  My days and evenings are usually spent packing and moving what I can to do the new house, plus playing “step-n-fetch-it” for all of the things that have to be bought, which are a lot.  It isn’t exactly the type of shopping I like to do.  I will have packers and movers, but there is so much I don’t want to the movers to touch.  The kitchen is the only room that I can put anything into right now.  At least the kitchen will be set up fairly well before I move in.

I did finish the fur blanket and hopefully will be writing a pattern for it in a few weeks.  It isn’t a hard pattern to write, I’m just not in the mood at the moment. It is really stunning in person and incredibly soft.  I also started another design using some Fiesta Starburst LaBoheme in Madrid that I have had for a very long time and always wanted to make something out of.  So far it is coming along really well.

I made the pillow below for my DH’s birthday out of the dog yarn.  His favorite color is teal, which is why it is trimmed in it.  I used Touch Me for the trim and stuffed it full of poly foam.  The dog fur was fun to knit with and the pillow is really soft.

I’ll blog more when I can.  Please hang in there with me, and do check back.  I haven’t disappeared completely.

    blanket-detaila.jpg  pillow-1a.jpg

August 21, 2007…..Dog Yarn and Yarn Store Closing Sale

          fur-blanketa.jpg           dog-yarn-a.jpg

I received my dog yarn this week from  They did a FANTASTIC job spinning it.  I sent them a large box of fur the last week of June, and at that time they did give me an approximate date of completion.  The package arrived only a week later than they originally said it would. I saved brushed fur off of the dog for well over 2 years, but unfortunately that only yielded 152 yards of dk weight yarn.

I also started yet another project….a fake fur blanket for the new house.  I will write out the pattern for it soon after it is complete, which hopefully will be in a week or two.  I am very motivated to finish it.  The majority of it is made out of Prism Fern, which is by far the best fake fur yarn I have ever used.  The photo doesn’t do it justice as it is really breathtaking in person.  It truly looks like real fur and no where near resembles some of the horrilble fake fur yarns I’ve used before. I started designing a round pillow out of it as few weeks ago, and the way it felt and draped was just too good to only do a pillow out of it.  I temporarily scraped the round pillow project until I finished this throw.

Want to pass along a great place to buy yarn sets CHEAP.  My newly found friend closed her yarn shop in Tennessee, and she is selling off the remains on EBay.  She offers some fantastic deals and she posts new yarns for sale frequently, so please stop by and check her out.  She will be moving herself in a few weeks and she needs to sell as much as she can before her move, so she will be posting more in the coming days:

zues-color-a.jpg  dog-yarn-1a.jpg

August 8, 2007…..Baby Surprise Jacket

    baby-surprise-jacket-opena.jpg  baby-surprise-jacket-frontb.jpg  

I finally finished something. 

The BSJ took a lot less yarn than I thought it would.  I used STR Lightweight in Rolling Stone that had 360 yards, and the photo below is what is left of the skein….about 100 yards.  I used a #3.  Although it is a small jacket, it is no where as small as I thought it would be.  Not certain what size child it will fit but the chest measurement is 16″ around.  Haven’t found buttons for it yet.

If you have not made a BSJ, I do suggest you put it on your “to do” list.  It is as amazing to make as everyone in blog land says it is.

   baby-surprise-backa.jpg   baby-surprise-jacket-detail.jpg    baby-surprise-yarn.jpg  

July 31, 2007…..Severe Knitting ADD

gedifra-patternsb.jpg  flounce-scarfa.jpg  norahgaugina.jpg

Before I start my my menial griping, I want to let all of you know that someone in our knitting family can use your help.  You may have already received the email from Stitch Diva, but if not, please read this.  Annie Modesitt is having some serious issues in her family.  She has taught me a lot for free….not in person, but through the media.  I’m certain she has taught you a lot as well, and to me she is one of the finest teachers and designers out there.  Please go to her website to see if you can lend a hand and also get yourself a very fine pattern:

Okay, on to griping. I have started more projects this week than I can remember ever starting, and none of them will get any farther than what you are seeing in the thumbnails below.  If any of them interest you in the least, you can enlarge the thumbnails.  Not sure why they would interest you considering they obviously didn’t interest me enough to continue another inch with them.  I think the home renovation has completely scrambled my brain cells, and it certainly has scrambled any decision making brain cells that remain.  I need a new project that will interest me for more than an hour, and right now there may not be any such project.  I did actually finish a scarf that has been on the needles a few months, but it really doesn’t count as I only had about 20 more rows left to complete it.  At least the really cool spider in my back yard finished knitting something.  He (or she) has literally been in the same web in the same place in my back yard for over two weeks now.

I promise this will not turn into a home improvement blog, BUT, I do want to pass along a little time saver that I am still patting myself on the back for figuring out.  Cutting contact paper to line shelves with it just one of the most awful of all of the things in the world to do.  I figured out a way to make it a bit better…..get yourself a quilting self-healing board and a rotary cutter, and the job goes a ton faster.

I realize my blog posts are not as frequent as they once were, but please hang in there with me!  Life will get back to normal eventually, and I will have more time to blog and maybe more of an attention span to finish a project on the needles.

A lot of the fall publications hit my mailbox this week.  Vogue’s 25th Anniversary is  stunning.  I highly recommend Norah Gaughan’s new pattern book “Collections”.  The two new Gedifra fall pattern books also arrived but unfortunately I was disappointed in both of them.  Normally I find numerous interesting patterns in their publications, but this time I only found one pattern that made me look twice.

rotary-cutter-1.jpg      spider-web-1.jpg    vogue-25.jpg 

swatch-4.jpg  swatch-3.jpg  swatch-2.jpg  swatch-1.jpg  prism-pattern.jpg