November 29, 2009…..Back to Knitting


Almost a year since I posted.  Embarrasing to say the least. 

I did have to take most of the year off from knitting & crochet due to a pesky injury in my right wrist.  All is healed and I am back at it.

Some of my first attempts at designing are above, some aren’t.  The colorful vest that is supposed to be a jacket photographs well from the back but the front is a nightmare.  First circular jacket that I loosely based off of a free pattern.  Problem is it was WAY too loosely based and it doesn’t drape correctly in the front and is too heavy at the bottom back.  When I had 700 stitches on my hook, decided it was time to stop.  It is supposed to be longer and go over the elbows, but I had enough when I saw it wasn’t going to work.  Photographed it and now it will be ripped and eventually re-worked.  It used a few skeins of Prism Stuff, starting in the center with a lighter skein of Harvest, moving to a darker skein of Harvest and into Autumn.

My first attempt at “Flashing” color is done in the round using Prism Lotus in Freesia.  This is a VERY special lot of Lotus Freesia…..think it was one of Prism’s first.  Beautiful colors.  I was inspired to try this process with all of the helpful postings on the Ravelry Prism Group.  It started off being a sweater but will end up being a freeform surprise XMas gift for a friend.  

One of my favorite holiday projects are the knitted bracelets.  I purchased a few kits from and am totally in love.  I have now completed 8 bracelets and am still stringing and knitting.  Once you understand the concept, a bracelet can easily be strung and knitted within a few hours.  It is a great project to carry with you anywhere.  The customer service at Earthfaire is wonderful!

Hopefully the next post will be less than a year away!

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