December 26, 2008…..Holiday Knitting DONE

    I’m certain none of us are mourning the passing of the holiday knitting season.  It is really nice to be confused as to which project to start next that doesn’t have to do with knitting as fast as I can for someone else.

My few items pale in comparison to some of the large projects I’ve seen others complete for the season, but they were enough to keep me away from the sparkly things I want to work on. 

Left to right, top photos:

1.  Holiday Scarves being modeled by recipients

2.  Angora Ruffle Scarf before its demise the Monday before XMas.  Angora + Euculan = Catastrophy.  I had another Angora Ruffle Scarf in my stash to replace it with, but it wasn’t in this color combination.  Yarns Used:  Great Adirondack Angora, colorway “Southwest” along with Tess Designer Yarns 50/50 Merino/Angora, color unknown.  Pattern:  Angora Ruffle Scarf from Prism Pattern Book #38.

3.  Danica scarf from  Yarns used:  Prism Symphony in Shadow (2 skeins), Prism Symphony in color #807/ light grey color (2 skeins), Prism Lotus in an unknown color (1 skein) on # 6 needle.  This yarn is soft, but after I handwashed it in Euculan it became really soft.  Not an ounce of dye was in the sink after washing….Prism really knows how to set their dyes properly.

Left to Right, bottom photos:

4.  Detail of #3 above

5.  Yarns for # 2 above

6.  Sheep in the City “My So Called Scarf” pattern  Yarn used:  Fiesta Swoon, color: “Surf”, 1 and 1/2 skeins on #11 needle.  Swoon is a perfect name for this yarn that melts in your hands.



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