June 29, 2008…..New Patterns On the Way

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I can not believe how long it has been since I’ve updated the blog.  I just either want to laugh or cry everytime I read a past posting that says “I promise I’ll blog again really soon” and “really soon” turns into a black hole in space.

What I can really promise and keep this time is that I do have a few designs that are done and the patterns are very close to being complete….hopefully within two weeks.  The majority of the patterns are typed out, so the hard part is done.  I just need to put the finishing touches on them and will notify everyone that has subscribed to the newsletter when they are on the site for sale.

The LaBoheme Jacket is not included in this bunch, but if you are one of the folks that email me every few weeks about this pattern, please do know I have a draft done and will be happy to send it to you if you would like to get started.

The new patterns coming out include the ones pictured here.  The “Freesia Freeform Jacket” is a knit pattern that used the great yarns Laura from Prism gave me over the holidays.  I wore this jacket to my LYS and a few people loved it enough to purchase the yarns for it even though I had not finished the written pattern.   The shawl is a crochet pattern, shown here in Prism Slique and the second version in Great Adironack’s Allure.  I have one more new design that I have not photographed yet as I am still jacking around with the trim, but I do hope to get that completed sooner than later.

Laura from Prism came into town a few weeks ago for her annual visit and class.  As always, I obtained a years worth of knowledge in 8 hours!  Her model garments are outstanding in person.  If you are a Prism fan, please keep your eyes open for the next Prism pattern book to be released in July.  Everyone in class had convusions over the sample garments that will be in this new pattern book. 

I am currently working on Prism’s graduated jacket pattern (model garment bottom right) along with a fantastic shawl from her new Gossmer yarn.  Photos of my versions coming soon…or eventually…. depending on what time planet you live on! 

red-jewel-shawl-a.jpg  jewel-shawl-right-a.jpg  graduated-jacket-a.jpg

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