April 22, 2008…..I’m still here

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I haven’t dropped off the face of the knitting earth!  So sorry for the delay, and once again I really appreciate everyone that has emailed to check in with me.

I have once again started more designs without finishing current ones.  Whenever I get stumped on something I’m working on, I find it a lot easier to start something else than to work out the current issue.  Most of the time the answer comes to me during the next project, but that also leads me to more UFOs.  It does appear I will have quite a few new patterns released all at the same time, but when that exact time is I’m not sure.  I hope within 4 to 6 weeks.  Yes, the LaBoheme jacket pattern is almost ready.  I do have a rough draft for anyone that is chomping at the bit and wants to start on it!  Just email me and I’ll be happy to send it to you.

Lots going on here as I’m sure there is in your world.  I had another missing animal issue that fortunately was solved.  The most tragic recent event happened to my best girlfriend with one of her dogs that was attacked by a bobcat and seriously injured.  She lives in the city but backs up to a creek.  A bobcat came out of nowhere.  Here is the video link to what happened:


In knitting news, the photos are just some of my recent projects in the works.  The light colored fabric is a jacket that I am extremely excited to finish…..once I figure out what I’m doing with the trim.  The silver photo is a shawl I am also really excited about.  It is turning into a large piece of jewelry!  The blue scarf is a fantastic pattern that I have had a lot of fun working on.  I mixed 4 different colors of KPPPM.  The pattern can be found here:


Barry Klein from Trendsetter was in town last week and brought an incredible rack full of fantastic new model garments.  I can not express in words how outstanding these new designs are in person.  I ordered quite a few of them and am very anxious for them to arrive so I can get started on yet another batch of stuff. 


I have recently been accepted as a member of both The Knitting Guild Association and the Association of Knitwear Designers.   I’m really glad their criteria isn’t based on how often I update my blog or I would never be accepted anywhere!

I promise not to be out of touch for so long again….really, I promise!  Please stop by again soon.


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