February 20, 2008…New Blanket/Shawl Pattern

freesia-jacket-front.jpg  fernblanket_2a.jpg  laboheme-jacket-front-a.jpg 

Remember your New Years Resolutions?  Me neither.

I started another design without finishing any other garment, and this weekend I am ready to start yet another new jacket design.  I did however finally finish the Blanket/Shawl pattern  and you can find it here:


The additional photos of the blanket may not be on the “Pattern for Sale” page yet, but I am working on getting the bugs out of the program so that the additional photos will load.  In the meantime you can find additional photos for it on the blog posts below this one. This blanket lived in the yarn store for about a month and the owner sold quite a few kits for it.  It is so amazing in person and drapes like you just wouldn’t believe.

I haven’t started the sleeves for either jacket but I am really excited about how the LaBoheme Jacket is coming along.  The peplum hits perfectly around the waste and so far it is really figure flattering. The green/pink jacket is one that I am designing inspired by the holiday gift of Prism Freesia yarn.

I’ve been messing around with freeform but haven’t put anything together yet.  I am really trying to get myself on some type of real schedule that keeps me working on the written part of the patterns as I go along so there will not be such a delay in pattern releases.  I truly appreciate all of you who have written me wanting the patterns of garments I have photographed for the blog.  They will be available one day soon!  Thanks so much for your patience.

              laboheme-jacket-back-a.jpg crochet-flower-kid-mohair-dazzle-a.jpg

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