January 5, 2008…..Resolutions

alchemy-gifts-1a.jpg             fur-blaket-periwinkle-1.jpg

This year I am going to try and not create such a large pile of UFOs.  Famous last words.  I’m also going to try and complete more written patterns this year. 

So, to start the new year I’m already working on two new projects instead of finishing what I have on the needles. One of which I am really excited about and will share with everyone as soon as it is close to completion.

Above is a gorgeous gift from a friend that includes a new Alchemy color called “Limeade”which I adore.  For those that are Alchemy color followers, Limeade (at least in the Bamboo yarn) is a great green color that is a little less intense than their “Sour Grass” colorway.  I love Sour Grass, but it is a bit of a neon eye-bleeding color.

I did finish the second version of the Fern blanket in Periwinkle for a holiday gift that was well received.  I really will get this pattern written very soon.  The white version of this blanket was on display at my local LYS and received many compliments and quite a few orders from customers wanting to make it.  I can’t describe in words how soft and elegant this throw is.

I also made a dog scarf for my friend’s dog.  It turned out okay, but did not end up being what I initially envisioned.  I wanted to do a freeform type dog scarf but just couldn’t get it to look the way that I wanted it to.

After a request from my cousins for a scarf for next Christmas, I started on one that I am making out of Fiesta’s “Swoon” in Surf which is just an outstanding yarn.  If you haven’t worked with it I highly suggest it.  It just melts in your hands. I’m using the infamous “So Called Scarf” pattern from the “Sheep in the City” blog.

  kevins-scarf-1a.jpg    gracies-scarf-1.jpg

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