December 16, 2007…..Incredible Gifts

freesia-group-4a.jpg   foff-1a.jpg

This holiday season has started off with a real bang with people going above and beyond with the gift giving.

Prism and the owner of my LYS dropped this present bomb on me Saturday.  I almost fainted when I opened the box full of Prism’s new yarn color “Freesia”. It is sitting on my dining room table where it will live indefinately so I can drool and paw over it every time I walk by.

 I haven’t been able to buy yarns this year in any quantity that is any where close to what I have in the past, so this was an extra large suprise.  Freesia is beautiful….full of greens, pinks and purples.  I can’t wait to get my needles into them.  I am still way too far behind with what is on my needles for the holidays, but the second those are cleared off I’m tearing into these.  Lotus is one of my favorite Prism yarns, and it is dying out especially well in Freesia.  I think Lotus  would be a perfect sock yarn although I haven’t made a pair out of it yet.  Lotus is the middle yarn in the photo below.

On of my best customers made this gorgeous bracelet for me!  I was so incredibly touched when I opened it.

The cup was actually a present to myself when I purchased a few of them for my knitting friends.  My girlfriend Courtney sent me the link originally, and you can find yours at:

Barry from Trendsetter was in this week for a class and he stayed in town for a few days.  I was called out of class for what turned out to not be a household emergency, but I had to leave suddenly and didn’t get any photos.  I did purchase one of his new yarns that I love called “Love”.    He also brought some incredible samples of his new patterns that are well worth you checking out:

lotus-bon-bon-kid-slique-freesia-a.jpg braceletb.jpg

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