November 4, 2007….Baby Steps

         feza-tess-dawson-110407a.jpg laboheme-jacket-110407a.jpg 

I am trying to get my feet wet with being creative again.  After some supportive words from friends, I decided to just do a small project to attempt to get back into it.  Something I could start and finish quickly, and something I really loved to work on.  I decided on another Tess Dawson Lacy Crochet Scarf using some inexpensive Feza Mohair.  At first the Feza was a bit stiff, but I got over it.  I love the shadowing.  It isn’t 100% complete, but it is completed to the point I want it to be for now.  The unfinished portion I plan to work on while waiting at an appointment this week.  It really felt good to start something and almost finish it again. 

I also pulled out a UFO sweater in Blue Heron Rayon Chenille.  This is one of the few chenille yarns I love.  The sweater is now to the point I need to really think about how the neckline will be designed, but hopefully I will get to it sooner than later.

I’ve worked some on a LaBoheme Jacket I started designing months ago.  It is a side-to-side knitted jacket, and most jackets knit like this do not have a lot of waist shaping.  As luck would have it, the place I started the short rows happens to give the jacket more waist shaping than I thought it would.

Hope to be back posting some interesting new project soon!


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