August 21, 2007…..Dog Yarn and Yarn Store Closing Sale

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I received my dog yarn this week from  They did a FANTASTIC job spinning it.  I sent them a large box of fur the last week of June, and at that time they did give me an approximate date of completion.  The package arrived only a week later than they originally said it would. I saved brushed fur off of the dog for well over 2 years, but unfortunately that only yielded 152 yards of dk weight yarn.

I also started yet another project….a fake fur blanket for the new house.  I will write out the pattern for it soon after it is complete, which hopefully will be in a week or two.  I am very motivated to finish it.  The majority of it is made out of Prism Fern, which is by far the best fake fur yarn I have ever used.  The photo doesn’t do it justice as it is really breathtaking in person.  It truly looks like real fur and no where near resembles some of the horrilble fake fur yarns I’ve used before. I started designing a round pillow out of it as few weeks ago, and the way it felt and draped was just too good to only do a pillow out of it.  I temporarily scraped the round pillow project until I finished this throw.

Want to pass along a great place to buy yarn sets CHEAP.  My newly found friend closed her yarn shop in Tennessee, and she is selling off the remains on EBay.  She offers some fantastic deals and she posts new yarns for sale frequently, so please stop by and check her out.  She will be moving herself in a few weeks and she needs to sell as much as she can before her move, so she will be posting more in the coming days:

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