July 31, 2007…..Severe Knitting ADD

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Before I start my my menial griping, I want to let all of you know that someone in our knitting family can use your help.  You may have already received the email from Stitch Diva, but if not, please read this.  Annie Modesitt is having some serious issues in her family.  She has taught me a lot for free….not in person, but through the media.  I’m certain she has taught you a lot as well, and to me she is one of the finest teachers and designers out there.  Please go to her website to see if you can lend a hand and also get yourself a very fine pattern:


Okay, on to griping. I have started more projects this week than I can remember ever starting, and none of them will get any farther than what you are seeing in the thumbnails below.  If any of them interest you in the least, you can enlarge the thumbnails.  Not sure why they would interest you considering they obviously didn’t interest me enough to continue another inch with them.  I think the home renovation has completely scrambled my brain cells, and it certainly has scrambled any decision making brain cells that remain.  I need a new project that will interest me for more than an hour, and right now there may not be any such project.  I did actually finish a scarf that has been on the needles a few months, but it really doesn’t count as I only had about 20 more rows left to complete it.  At least the really cool spider in my back yard finished knitting something.  He (or she) has literally been in the same web in the same place in my back yard for over two weeks now.

I promise this will not turn into a home improvement blog, BUT, I do want to pass along a little time saver that I am still patting myself on the back for figuring out.  Cutting contact paper to line shelves with it just one of the most awful of all of the things in the world to do.  I figured out a way to make it a bit better…..get yourself a quilting self-healing board and a rotary cutter, and the job goes a ton faster.

I realize my blog posts are not as frequent as they once were, but please hang in there with me!  Life will get back to normal eventually, and I will have more time to blog and maybe more of an attention span to finish a project on the needles.

A lot of the fall publications hit my mailbox this week.  Vogue’s 25th Anniversary is  stunning.  I highly recommend Norah Gaughan’s new pattern book “Collections”.  The two new Gedifra fall pattern books also arrived but unfortunately I was disappointed in both of them.  Normally I find numerous interesting patterns in their publications, but this time I only found one pattern that made me look twice.

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